Sierra Online

Enter these coordinates into Google Maps and zoom in to see what there was of Sierra (and of interest) in Oakhurst.

37.330123,-119.646617 – The Sierra Online Building. Built in 1989-90. The „mothership“ as it were.

37.327717,-119.659503 – The OLD Sierra Online building, used pre 1990 building and even after there were a few years overlap. It played prominently in one of the Space Quest games when you meet the Two Guys from Andromeda.

37.33261,-119.655039 – Home of Red Dog Studios, a Mac centric pilot project that was a response to the Living Books of Broderbund. We made „Slater and Charlie go Camping“ there. We only made the one game before closing down and relocating the team back in the main building.

37.332844,-119.650552 – The world Famous Talking Bear. A Sierra staff favorite. He even has a Facebook page as Talking Bear (of course).“

37.334736,-119.649275 – I believe this building was the home of Sierra Studios, the video capture studio built for „Phantsmagoria“, but used for many other games that required video captured walk cycles, actors and other elements.

37.322905,-119.577878 – Bass Lake. A favorite hang out of Sierra staff AND this particular beach I’ve marked out is what I believe to be the same lakeside area where we held the annual „Meat Blow Out“. A bring your own meat BBQ the staff would throw each Summer. By the way, Bass Lake is also the same lake they filmed „The Great Outdoors“ at, staring Dan Ackroyd and John Candy.

37.351663,-119.642242 – The „Old Barn“. The Sierra Network was housed here as well as a few other pilot programs.


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