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Pandaren Mönch

Einfach mal ein Bild von meinem wunderschönem Beta Pandaren Mönch, in Stilvoller Umgebung!



Sehr schöner Post über den Typischen MMO Spieler

You are all destroying the MMO genre, and you don’t even know why you act the way you do.

by thescienceoflawParable

There are some shit people in this subreddit, downvoting anyone that responds with actual facts about how to avoid hitting any of the grind limits. And upvotes for anyone that just whines and bitches. It is extremely annoying and we as a community should be better than this.

God save me from some aspects of the MMO community. You people are impossible. You have ruined a ton of AAA games in the last few years – you DEMAND treadmill gated endgame, beat it in a month, and then whine and abandon a game for not having enough content (you all know exactly the games I am talking about). Now a game has to literally FORCE you to stop doing the same mindless activity over and over and actually do different things to enjoy endgame, and you all bitch and whine because you can’t grind yourself to boredom in a month like you have done with every other MMO.

You are destroying the viability of MMOs by being entitled impatient kids who can’t make fun for yourself, you have to have a game hand it all to you on a silver platter and whine and bitch if you don’t get it fast enough, or complain because you have to work hard to get something you want because they won’t let you run the easiest dungeon over and over or run the same dynamic event over and over. Fuck everyone whining about this.

You all keep acting like this, you realize NO MMO WILL EVER SATISFY YOU. You will buy a new MMO, play it for a month – bitch and whine – and then abandon it and the company will lose money. What will happen in 5-10 years? Nobody will be making MMOs anymore, because they will simply not be profitable.

Maybe the problem isn’t the MMO, maybe the problem is you. Maybe you need to examine the way you approach an MMO – many of you will spend hours playing a FPS with no progression because it is fun – and then you whine because spvp has no progression and say so „what incentive do I have to do spvp if I don’t get better gear?“ (Actual statement I have heard).

Many of you will spend hours exploring the world in Skryim, doing tons of side-quests, and yet whine and complain because all there is to do in GW2 is explore the world and run dungeons and do events. That is like rushing to finish the storyline quests in Skyrim and then complaining that the game has almost no content.

Why can’t we as an MMO community take the attitude we bring to FPS games, RPG games, and apply it to an MMO? Too many damn players feel like the only thing that motivates them in an MMO is the „carrot“ of gear always being held out in front of them (and don’t know what to do with themselves without it) – and you are destroying the genre. You need to fix that shit before you destroy the genre that we love.

We take the attitude of playing games for FUN in almost every other genre, so why can’t we do it for MMOs too?

Double Dragon Neon

Einfach nur geil =)

Man kann sogar die Musik des Spiels kostenlos downloaden!

Wenig neues….

Im Moment finde ich weder die Zeit noch habe ich die Geduld hier was zu machen, deshalb erstmal ein bischen Pause!

Heute ist nicht alle Tage,
ich komm wieder keine Frage!

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